How I Work

I Care

I take on projects for clients and companies that I care about. You can trust that if we’re working together I consider you someone I like to be around and your project a valuable opportunity.

I Work Hard

And I work fast. I can get pretty obsessive about the projects I’m working on so you can trust you’ll have a finished product you love and have it quickly.

I Have Fun

A great design problem is like a fun game to me. And I have just as much fun solving those problems as I do playing a great game.

The Latest from God + Design

God + Design is the home of all of my spiritual design work. Think of it like an image-only blog where I explore the Bible, Graphic Design, and how they can mix.

Despite being busy, I make time for projects I’m passionate about.

Want to work together?


Art Direction

My focus is on front-end design, UI/UX, brand development, and user interaction.


I have a firm grasp on front end-development, primarily using HTML, SASS, and Wordpress.

Print Design

I have experience art directing, producing, and designing print work, branding, and publications.

Not Just Work

I also have a rich full life outside of my work. I’m a christian, husband, gamer, and very friendly.

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