32LOUD is a community of NFL fans who are motivated by supporting their team and connecting with one another off and online. Quoting the site, “We’re here to celebrate the passion, energy, traditions, rivalries and camaraderie that comes with being an NFL fan. We’re here to build and connect a community of like-minded, loud and proud people from all of the NFL’s 32 teams. We’re here to recognize, honor and reward NFL fans for being what they are: the life-blood of the game they love.”

In working with smbolic to redesign the 32LOUD website, my primary goal was to rethink how such a complex, database-driven site could function responsively. Taking existing content I reconfigured and redesigned the site so it would look and perform great on both large and small screens.

Additionally, I designed all the apparel associated with 32LOUD. Via hats, jackets, t-shirts, and other apparel, 32LOUD users love to show their support for their team and their community. It was a natural fit for us to create tons of apparel to use as prizes, rewards, and as merchandise.

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