Evan’s Life Foundation

Projects with clients like the Evan’s Life Foundation are the lifeblood of my design career. I am most passionate for design when I’m working with churches, non-profits, charitable organizations, etc. And there are few charitable organizations and/or events more rewarding to work with than the Evan’s Life Foundation.

“Evan’s Life Foundation was created by several Chicago designers in 1992. It honors the memory of the two-and-a-half-year old son of fellow designers, Pat and Greg Samata, who was lost in a tragic car accident. The Foundation’s purpose is simple: to reach out to children at risk. Its operating method is just as straightforward: 100% of all contributions go directly to these children. This policy is unique among non-profits.”

In designing banners, shirts, invitations and more for their Twentieth Anniversary Christmas Gift-Wrapping Party I wanted to create a visual style that expanded on and brought attention to the way things have been done in the past, while also pushing the foundation into the future. Using photos of all the children the ELF has helped in the past as material for a photo-mosiac of Evan did exactly that.

The¬†event was a huge success, and not because of the designs. More presents were given to needy children than ever before. As you can see below, a moving truck needed to come to haul all the toys away. If that’s not a victory for the Chicagoland community I don’t know what is.

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