Meditative Abstract Posters

Meditative posters to reflect on scriptural learning.

This series of posters was inspired by the style of Studio JQ. I really like his aesthetic style and his practice of designing a new poster every day. My hope was that in applying the same practice to my times with God every morning, I could grow both spiritually and as a designer. I had a number of different parameters I set for myself with this poster series that led to the aesthetic. I practiced an additive style of design, rather than my usual subtractive, minimalist style. My instinct is normally to remove unnecessary elements in a piece. But with these posters when I drew a new shape or added a new element to the artboard, I only gave myself permission to alter it, not remove it. This led to a more chaotic, messier style than I’m usually comfortable with, but helped me see the benefit of a more complex look. I also gave myself a library of shapes, type sizes / styles, and images and only allowed myself to pull from those.

I really like how the series progressed from the first one being, in my opinion, the worst, and the last few being the best, most refined version of this visual style.

Most importantly, these posters allowed me to meditate and reflect on spiritual truths than stuck with me throughout the day.

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