Ninth Letter Vol. 9 No. 1

To me,Ninth Letter vol 9, issue 1 was about the idea of reader confusion, mental mismatches, and visual connections. Inspired by a published Dennis The Menace comic strip that went to press with the wrong caption, we set out to create connections between text and image that would both confuse and surprise the reader. Taking typographic queues from vol 8, issue 2, the typography of this issue is very compact, stylized, and reflective of the dense content.

My role in this issue was very different from previous editions. No longer a student designer at this point, I was on staff at Ninth Letter as a Production Manager and designer. So, while I did do a lot of the designing in this issue (especially in the typesetting and overall structure), my role was more focused on art direction, giving designers ideas to work with (such as, “was I the only one who thought all the characters in this story were bears?”), and working with the print vendors to ensure a timely and effective production. You can see more about this issue here.

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